During the COVID-19 pandemic DHL Express’ number one priority has been safety. The safety of our people, customers and communities.

As a business operating a vital frontline service transporting goods and medical supplies around the world, we had to adjust quickly to COVID safe ways of working whilst ensuring we continued to prioritise the mental and physical wellbeing of our people. 

KEEPING OUR PEOPLE SAFE                          

A large proportion of our people are considered essential workers – directly responsible for the transportation of goods and medical supplies. The safety and wellbeing of our employees is paramount to us.

For that reason we introduced a number of measures to protect couriers, customers and communities alike: 
  • Contact-free deliveries 
  • Hand and scanner sanitization
  • Providing personal protection equipment in accordance with local protocols 
  • Safety screens installed at customer locations 
  • Operating a no visitor policy at office locations
  • Training drivers on safety measures


To reduce the risk of spreading the virus many of our non-frontline employees now work remotely. 
To enable this we took the following actions:
  • Provided employees with mobile IT equipment to ensure an appropriate home setup
  • Shared guidance on remote working, including guidance for managers on how to lead teams remotely

COMMUNICATING TO OUR PEOPLE                        

With COVID-19 bringing about so much uncertainty we committed from the beginning to communicating openly and regularly with our people. 

Whilst we’re experienced in using non-traditional methods to communicate, we have further boosted our communication efforts during the pandemic period, including through the following: 
  • Leveraging various existing channels such as email, team briefings/performance dialogues, DHL TV, phone calls, video calls and whatsapp messages
  • Expediting the rollout of our employee app, Smartr. Now available in over 120 countries.
  • Hosting virtual Townhall events, allowing people around the world to hear from leaders
  • Sharing regular voice and video memos from our leadership teams

DEVELOPING OUR PEOPLE                                    

Just as business continues, we remain committed to developing our people during this pandemic period.

We are:
  • Delivering training and development sessions online, engaging teams through webinars and offering virtual coaching sessions
  • Continuing with our performance review and feedback processes, in many cases virtually for the first time


Our motivated people are what make us the successful business that we are today. For that reason, we take a lot of pride in celebrating and recognising their commitment. 

During the pandemic period we have done this by:  
  • Hosting digital employee engagement events, international celebrations and award ceremonies
  • Providing a special one-off bonus to all of our employees around the world for their support during this challenging time
  • Using social media to further amplify our messages of appreciation, for example our #Tap4Pride campaign

ENGAGING OUR PEOPLE                                         

The pandemic has taken its toll on people around the world both mentally and physically. For that reason we have bolstered our ‘Fit For Work Fit For Life’ programme and done our best to alleviate the pressures on our people as much as possible. 

This includes the following: 
  • Committing to keeping all of our people employed throughout the pandemic 
  • Hosting engagement activities such as Zoom cooking classes, virtual parties and running clubs
  • Running mindfulness sessions such as yoga classes and mindfulness training
We continue to innovate as a business in order to truly stand by our employees, our customers and the communities we serve. We are a Great Place To Work for all and DHL is putting our people first during the COVID-19 pandemic.